About Us

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We are devoted to making your displays and events smart, profitable and effective.


Aria Neopan Pasargad is a global design company with proven expertise in managing world-class exhibitions, trade shows, trade fairs, events, interior design projects

, and representation services for worldwide clients with more than thirty years experience. Our designers bring innovation, imagination and ingenuity to the positioning

of your brand. We plan each event, starting with your objectives and requirements, then sourcing and managing visuals, equipments, special effects and other features

to building and decorating your booth, office, shop or home.

We ensure that your presence is memorable, exciting and different. Our projects reflect an enduring commitment to customer satisfaction and providing the best possible

service. We evaluate and plan your event participation, offering you the utmost quality and timely delivery. our team is dedicated to delivering the design from our

factory to installation with artful precision.

We understand the importance of meeting deadlines, staying on-budget and have a track record of finding ways to save our clients money and time. In addition, we have

been providing everything in our factory located in Tehran for thirty years, so we offer competitive prices on the high-quality products .

We have a wealth of experience and knowledge in Exhibition stand design and interior design in Tehran, Isfahan, Kish island ,Mashhad ,Shiraz ,Tabriz and so on.
We take great pride in the long-term relationships with our clients :


Qualification :

• Thirty years of similar experiences

• Language fluency: English

• Certificate: Educated in field of Interior Design , Architecture and Construction.

• Computer skills: All Architecture Programs especially AutoCAD , 3DMAX ,V-Ray, Revit ,Maya.

•Skilled designers and project managers with over years’ experience of interior design

•Skillful in presentation of Architecture & Designing with regard to dimension of the project’s location



has an official permission from:

.Licence from Iran International Exhibitions Co.
.Licence from Iran manufacturers and sellers of metal artifacts

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My Clientele

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  • Cobel darou co.
  • Behestan darou co.
  • Behestan tolid co.
  • Behestan pakhsh co.
  • Behestan darman co.
  • Behestan pakhsh co.
  • Novartis co.
  • Sanofi co.
  • Pfizer co.
  • Sandoz co.
  • Astellas co.
  • MSD co.
  • Daya teb co.Shafayab co.Osveh co.

    Sobhan co.

    Daryan tejarat co.

    Rahasan co.

    Symrise co.

    Abbott co.

    Aria kimya co.

    Behestan behdasht co.

    Janssen co.

    Baher mahd co.

    Pouya dade pardazi rad co.

    Jay décor co.

    Bausch+lomb co.

    Eimen loule gostaran co.

    Sandwell petro gas co.

    Avin darou co.

    Fara nirou co.

    Davinsa co.

    Keyhan bod co.

    Rasa loule pasargad co.

    Razak co.

    Afa co.

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Our specialty is creating impactful designs and solutions to make a trade show or business profitable. Make sure your booth looks inviting and encourages traffic flow. We believe that exhibits should provide an environment that allows our clients to engage, interact, and inform their attendees in a way that best fits their exhibit marketing strategy, while at the same time adhering to their branding guidelines. Your goals are our priority. Our full service design department uses creativity and experience to find ways to bring your visions to life, while adhering to the rules, restrictions, physics, and budgets.


4 We have a dedicated and a very experienced team that works with you to manage and stay on top of all your properties who are committed to the success of the company and our clients, assets, and logistics. Dedicated supervisors are accomplished professionals trained to get you in and out of shows with the least amount of stress. They will be there strictly for your company and your efforts as the program’s leader. We also have a full custom fabrication facility and a very capable team of builders that can handle pretty much anything. Our production and fabrication departments work hand in hand in creating all the different elements that make up an exhibit. Wood, metal, fabric, lights, etc..

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Booth design is another aspect of exhibiting that can have an impact on how much traffic you have through your booth and what kind of impression you make. Make sure your booth looks inviting and encourages traffic flow. Your ultimate goal at every trade show should be to build long lasting relationships with each person who visits your booth so, you need to be more creative than your competitors to maximize the return on your investment. Actually, Creating an effective trade show booth design that reflects well on your brand is the key to success.

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